Toshiba T6963c module

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Toshiba T6963c module

Post by octal » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:36 am

As some people have expressed interrest in a Toshiba T6963c driver, I have posted on the wiki a pre-version of my toshiba T6963c driver.

This is a pre-version. All graphics primitives and fonts are rendered correctly.


Horrible: :cry: :cry: :cry: Last thursday 25th Sept my PC's motherboard burned out! I have to replace it. I already bought a new motherboard and I'll install it this weekend. It's also a good opportunity to to do a full clean install as the new chipset is different from my old board. This bothered me a lot as it delayed a lot of important projects :cry:

Coming soon: I have another clean and full version or the T6963c driver already finalized with full text mode (provided by hardware) support and multipage handling. It needs some tests. I'll post it next week as soon as I have access to my hard drive.

I posted this version in a hurry, so do not blame me if it's not fully functional and use it at your own risk.

I personally tested it on a 240x128 display bought sometimes ago from mikroE eShop, but there is nothing specific to this display. It should work on any display with a T6963 controller.

Module can be accessed here ... er.Modules

GLCD Font Creator:
Note that actual version of GLCD Font Creator does not generate fonts scanned along X, and this font format (scan along x) is mandatory for Toshiba T6963c. I'll post new verison of GCLD Font Creator 2 with scan along x and UNICODE fonts support as soon as I have got a working PC.

Best regards
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Post by Toley » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:42 am

Thank you very much Ahmed, I will test it today and give you some feedback.

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