Tip - Adding the ConfigGenerator utility to the IDE

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Tip - Adding the ConfigGenerator utility to the IDE

Post by Jerry Messina » Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:52 pm

The ConfigGenerator utility is a standalone executable, but it can still be added to the SF IDE so that it appears as a tool in the 'Plugin' menu.

If you've never done this before, here's some hints on how to do that:

From the IDE menu, select 'Plugin | Plugin Editor'

The Plugin Editor has two main selection tabs: Menu and Link.
Each tab has entry boxes where you enter in information, along with a down arrow just to the right of the box where you can set additional options.

Select the 'Menu' tab. Add the desired name that you want the menu item to have into the 'Plugin Name' box. You can also select which group entry (if any) you want the program to appear under into the 'Optional Group Name' box. If you do not add a group then the entry will appear in the top level IDE Plugin menu. For example, adding 'Programs' will make the item appear under the 'Programs' plugin menu group.

Plugin Name = ConfigGenerator
Optional Group Name = <leave blank>

Now, select the 'Link' tab. This is where you define what the new menu entry does. Add the name of the program executable into the 'Link To' box using the down-arrow 'Program Executable or Document...' to navigate to the .exe file

Link To: <program path>ConfigGen.exe

Finally, save the new plugin entry to a .mcp file using 'File | Save As...'

Save As: Plugin\ConfigGen.mcp

Exit the Plugin Editor. The entry should appear under the IDE Plugin menu.

You can arrange the plugin entries by folders if desired, and use the folder to hold the .exe and .mcp files that you've created above. For example, add a folder under the Plugin directory (ie Plugin\ConfigGenerator), copy ConfigGen.exe to this new folder, and when you save the .mcp file save it to Plugin\ConfigGenerator\ConfigGen.mcp

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Re: Tip - Adding the ConfigGenerator utility to the IDE

Post by bitfogav » Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:19 pm

Thanks Jerry that works spot on.. :lol:

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